Skeetchestn Indian Band



The Skeetchestn Administration Department manages the policies and procedures of the administrative component of the Skeetchestn Band. It helps support and coordinate the work of all other Skeetchestn Departments by providing overall guidance and direction, ensuring the most effective and efficient services are delivered to all community members. In addition to providing receptionist, secretarial and reporting services for Band Office and Chief and Council operations, it manages the RBC Trust Extended Health Care and Gardening Program services to Band Members.

Director of Operations

The Director of Operations is responsible for daily activities and overseeing all operations of the Band Office.

Contact: Vivian Simon
Phone: 250-373-2493 ext. 203

Assistant Director of Operations and Human Resources 

Responsible for overseeing employee relations and assist the Director of Operations in daily duties.  The Human Resources Department provides Skeetchestn Indian Band employees with a sound human resources program that delivers the required resources and information enabling them to meet the needs of the community and assist in their professional development and career aspirations.

Contact: Holly Deneault


Phone: 250-373-2493



The Band Receptionist oversees the office communications and travel arrangements and ensures proper files/messages/firms/are referred to the correct departments. The receptionist also publishes the bi-weekly newsletter “Little Owl” which is delivered to requesting on reserve members’ homes as well as posted electronically.

Phone: 250-373-2493 ext. 200

Economic Development

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