Skeetchestn Indian Band

Community Plan

Community Plan

During 2020-2021, the Skeetchestn Community engaged in the creation of its Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP), “Roadmap to a Bright Future”. In this process community members engaged in the planning and implementing of the long term vision for our community. 
The plan includes the development of objectives and goals and a broad strategy to work towards fulfilling the vision.
Together with Council and the Department Managers and Staff, we are now amalgamating the Band Strategic Plan with the Comprehensive Community Plan.

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Click here to read our CCP “Roadmap to a Bright Future”


2022 -Zoning Bylaw

2022 – Designated Area Land Use Plan

2022 – Skeetchestn Planning and Building Policy

2022 – Land Use Plan

These essential plans are “live documents”.
We must continue to monitor our progress, and update our strategy to achieve our goals.