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Elders Language Meeting are held in the Skeetchestn Education Building, please call Band Office to confirm dates.

This webpage will assist the Secwepemc communities across the territory stay in touch with the Secwepemctsin language. It will feature a variety of resources for viewers to learn about the language, as well as to learn the language itself. “It’s a link from our past into the future, especially for our future generations to come… We can only rely on ourselves to learn our language and we are responsible for providing opportunities because we can’t go anywhere else to learn,” said Louella Jules, SIB Language Coordinator.

Included on this webpage will be downloadable files, interactive games/apps, photos, and videos; that will allow viewers to learn about the Secwepemctsin language and culture/history. This webpage is meant for viewers of all walks of life, from youth to Elders.
By providing this webpage, the Skeetchestn Indian Band (SIB) hopes to create opportunities to preserve and promote the Secwepemctsin language, culture, and history. A Secwepemc Elder once said, “Language is the blanket of our soul… it identifies our people and our cultural identity.”

Downloadable Learning Materials

The links below are downloadable learning materials. These materials range from Dictionaries to terms related to specific topics, such as the calendar. Each dictionary link listed below have different terms and phrases to learn.

Secwepemc-English Dictionary by A.H. Kuipers
English-Secwepemc Dictionary Version 2
English-Secwepemc Dictionary Version 3

Calendar Terms
Seasonal Round Terms

The links below are links to outside learning resources.

Quizlet – Secwepemctsin #2 Covid Phrases/Conversation – This link takes the learner to an interactive learning site called Quizlet. At this link, learners will be able to learn phrases related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Transalation of COVID Phrases in Secwepemctsin – This link takes the learner to an article of the Simon Fraser University (SFU) website, written by Dr. Marianne Ignace a Skeetchestn Elder.

Interactive Language App First Nations Language Platform – APP CURRENTLY UNDER MAINTENANCE
This online, interactive App was created by Dr. Marianne Ignace of Skeetchestn. Learners can create a Free account on this platform and enroll themselves in courses that teach the basics of the Secwepemctsin Language in a fun, interactive way.


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