Skeetchestn Indian Band



275 Deadman-Vidette Rd.
P.0 Box 178
Savona, BC V0K 2J0
Phone 250-373-2420
Fax: 250-373-2429

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Skeetchestn Community School offers Kindergarten through Grade 12. The school is dedicated to providing outstanding educational programming meeting the BC Provincial academic standards and culturally enriched with Secwepemc Culture. A safe, caring and community oriented environment prepares each child with deep confidence in their own learning process, having a deep sense of wonder and respect for life and learning.

Our Educational Philosophy

The vision for the Skeetchestn Community School stems from the philosophy that the school was established to provide an education for all Skeetchestn children in an environment that emphasizes the importance of strong family values, that is supportive of all students, and that will provide an education that is culturally relevant and academically strong.

Overall Goal

The overall goal for Skeetchestn Community School is to provide a culturally relevant, high quality education for all students that prepare them for the next phase of their educational journey.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Skeetchestn Community School is to provide an outstanding education educational program in a safe, caring, and respectful environment that consistently provides high academic standards of Canadian and Secwepemc cultures, languages, and traditions. And which Our school strives to provide all our children with the skills, knowledge and attitudes they will need to live an independent and prosperous life. Shoulder to Shoulder with all other Canadians, in a highly educated, global and technological world.

Vision Statement

To provide a unique, culturally relevant, high quality education for all students that:

  1. Foster respect for self and others
  2. Fosters pride in self, family and community
  3. Emphasizes traditional family values as a central support system
  4. Provides safety and emotional security in a nurturing environment
  5. Emphasizes quality rather than quantity
  6. Keeps pace with technological advances while at the same time respecting traditional ways
  7. Encourages all students to enhance their individual strengths and to realize their potential
  8. Recognizes individual rights and responsibilities
  9. Provides the students with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to progress, and prepares them for future educational opportunities.


Bryce Ross

Willow Simon
Adminstrative Assistant

Caitlin Wolter
High School Teacher

Maureen Zutz
Grades 4-5 Teacher

Damodar Paqette
Grades 2-3 Teacher

Erica Hamilton
Grades K-1 Teacher

Terry Deneault
Language & Culture Teacher

Deb Deneault
Education Assistant

Nicolas Warner
Education Assistant  

Georgina Williams
Education Assistant/Reading Specialist

Marie Simon

Cari-Anne Hunt

Gordon Deneasult