Skeetchestn Indian Band

Community School


Skeetchestn Community School strives to provide a safe and respectful environment, bridging high academic standard with Secwepemc Culture and Language. 

Indian drum in sound therapy
girl in costume of American Indian


To provide a unique, culturally relevent, high quality education for all students. 

The overall goal of the Skeetchestn Community School is to provide a culturally relevant, high quality education for all students that prepare them for the next phase of their educational journey.

Growth Plan Goals

The  current  educational  goals  should  be  based  on  the  School’s  FNSA  Assessment, Assessments by the Ministry of Education, Independent Schools Branch, Community Strategic Plans, surveys and assessment of school practice carried out independently by the school a party designated by the Skeetchestn Community School Board of Governors or the Skeetchestn Indian Band Chief and Council. The original survey based goals of the school (Qwickwiyelst) should be considered in as far as they are relevant and attainable. As well as the original goals of the school. Goals should be managed with success in mind and the use of an overall SMART Plan:






Curricular Emphasis

It is essential that all students are provided the opportunity, within the appropriate environment, to develop the skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and mathematics. School staff must also strive to develop each student’s sense of independence, self-esteem, self-discipline, and ability to work both independently and with others.

In developing the annual Social Instructional Plan, Grade and Course Plans, Master Lesson Plans, and Lesson Plans, and Lesson Plans, Skeetchestn Community School Administrator, Teachers, and Teaching Assistants shall keep in mind the following basic principles:

Student Work Ethic

Students are expected to take responsibility for their academic improvement and behavior toward others.

Parents and staff are encouraged to remind students in positive, respectful and energizing ways, that students in their classes are working toward their own self-improvement and that though their daily personal commitments students can make their own life at the school, home or in the community an exciting experience.

Group of children playing the drums in a temple, a traditional set of drums.