Skeetchestn Indian Band



Connection to our land (Secwépemcu?ecw), language (Secwépemcstín) and cultural and spiritual customs and practice define the Skeetchestn community. Fishing, Hunting and plant gathering for food and medicines has long sustained the community. Not only do cultural practices help define the Skeetchestn community, but strengthening and internalising those traditions and values will help mitigate the effects of racism and discrimination and engender pride in person and community. This strength leads to success in daily life and interactions with others.

The Secwépemc language, culture and way of life are being threatened by the results of historical actions by state and church and current tendencies to assimilation. The community is committed to re-invigorate the culture, language and spiritual traditions by learning from the elders and passing knowledge on to their children and grandchildren.

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