Skeetchestn Indian Band

Social Development Department

Social Development Department

The Skeetchestn Social Development Department is committed to focus on Mental, Cultural, Spiritual and Physical Well-being when creating, managing and delivering programs, services and activities for Skeetchestn members and community members. It is our desire to inspire and encourage everyone in our community to practice healthy lifestyles by connecting culture, knowledge, and strengths.

Our team believes that each and every one has the ability to create the life they desire by aligning with their inner-self and taping into their infinite potential. We hope that the programs and services offered can assist you in creating a beautiful journey!

Social Development Manager

Nicole Doyon

(250) 373-2493 ext. 219 

The Department provides the following Programs and Services:


For more information contact:

Toni Nikole Dempster (250) 373-2493 Ext. 233


For more information contact:

Elizabeth Etienne (250) 373-2493 Ext. 213



Provides funding for medical travel according to the policies and mandates set by First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) for status members living on-reserve. Upon advance request, the Patient Travel Clerk provides transportation to Kamloops bi-monthly for specialist’ appointments.

Patient Travel Form

FNHA Client Reimburesment Form (Click Here)


For more information contact:

Jennifer Camille (250) 373-2493 ext. 210 

 Kate David (250) 373-2493 ext. 227


For more information contact:

Jennifer Camille (250) 373-2493 ext. 210 

Kate David (250) 373-2493 ext. 227


For more information contact:

Erin Hewitt

(250) 373-2493 ext. 212


In partnership with Q’wemtsin Health Society, Skeetchestn is proud to have a Health Clinic on-reserve open 3 days/week: Tuesday to Thursday, 9:00am to 4:00pm. The Skeetchestn Health Clinic was established in partnership with the Q’wemtsín Health Society and the Skeetchestn Indian Band. It provides access to services to the Skeetchestn community members. For more information please click here 

The Q’wemtsín Health Society works with member communities to promote holistic health through provision of programs, services, and education.

For more information regarding programs and services or to give us some suggestions please contact the Skeetchestn Indian band 


Nicole Doyon

 (250) 373-2493 ext. 231


Health Policy forms:  
Wellness and Recreation Band Fund (Policy and Procedure)
Extended Health Band Fund Policy
Extended Health Band Fund Claim Form