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Natural Resources Corp.

Natural Resources Corp.

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The traditional territory of Skeetchestn lies in south-central British Columbia. Within this territory are four reserves and a two parcels of fee-simple land. The main reserve (~ 7,970 ha) is located approximately 10 km west of the village of Savona in the Deadman’s River valley. The Marshy Lake reserve (~68 ha) is located roughly 3 km east of the north end of Snohoosh Lake and two small reserves are adjacent to Hihium Lake.

Three ranches have been purchased. The Ronny Craig ranch is currently in process of being added to Reserve. The X-J and Bob George Ranches are both currently held in fee simple title.

The Skeetchestn Indian Band is involved in the sustainable management of eco-systems and their forest, range and water resources including community values for wildlife, fisheries and plants within Skeetchestn Traditional Territory.   The Skeetchestn Indian Band will be a prosperous and self-sufficient community, with involvement in all phases of planning and lands and resource management within their Traditional Territories, funded by primary resource revenues and land use fees.

In 2014, the Skeetchestn Natural Resources Department changed it’s structure and became incorporated in order to support current and future economic development projects.

Extracted from the Band Comprehensive Community Plan

Where do we want to be?

Land and Resources Goal 1:
Skeetchestn utilises and stewards our lands and resources to the highest and best sustainable economic and social value.

How do we get there?
Strategy: Natural Resources Corporation and Administration will lead the development of a land use plan for use of reserve lands.

Strategy: Knucwentwécw Development Corporation will lead the development of a land use plan for economic development (designated) lands. The planning process will ensure the plan reflects community interests and land capability.

Strategy: Natural Resources Corporation will have management plans (range, watershed, wildlife, etc.) in place to ensure effective harvesting and stewardship of natural resources. These plans will include consultation with all parties, including extractive industries.

Strategy: Knucwentwécw Development Corporation and Natural Resources Corporation will lead the development of plans to best utilise the Bob George and X-J ranch properties including a clear set of policies around access and use.

Strategy: Natural Resources Corporation will explore the potential for local conservation officers. This will include an assessment of costs and training requirements.

Strategy: Natural Resources Corporation will ensure that information on land acquisitions (location, extent, uses, etc.) are effectively communicated to members.

Lands and Resources Goal 2:
Skeetchestn demonstrates respect for the land by ensuring that the land base and facilities are well maintained.

How do we get there?

Strategy: Administration will develop a plan to ensure that public sites are free of junk and litter and that the graveyard is well maintained.

Strategy: Administration and Natural Resources Corporation will explore the feasibility of developing and implementing a plan to impose penalties for those abusing the land (dumping, for example).